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The situation as it is

One of the areas where most hospitals fail is the manner in which they handle the information stream between doctors and their patients. Doctors are trained professionals who spend many years sharpening their skills and it is sometimes understandable when at times they tend to be a little pushy. However, even though they may have the necessary medical knowledge that it takes to be a doctor, the fact of the matter is that no doctor is perfect and none certainly has the monopoly of medical knowledge. At our hospital, we believe that the wellbeing of patients is not just in the hands of doctors and nurses, but it is the joint effort between medical experts and their patients. We believe that information disclosure to our patients is one of the mainstream medical responsibilities that should be taken by all medical centres to ensure that patients are knowledgable about their condition. That will not only make them aware of their medical condition, but also enable them to avoid silly mistakes that may worsen their condition.

The power of information

In line with this, we have an information center within our hospital premises where patients and even visitors accompanying the patients can grab any of the hundreds of informative journals and read or watch short video documentaries of various health conditions. The educational material stocked at the information centre is very patient-friendly and written and explained in simple language as opposed to the medical jargon that is characteristic of most medical books. We also believe that part of our responsibility to the neighbouring community is to educate them on healthy living and provide them with as much information as possible. We have therefore designed borrowing cards which enable people from around the area to borrow medical journals and DVDs for a period of two weeks after which they are allowed to renew depending on the remaining number of journals and DVDs with similar information at the information centre. This has also allowed us to interact better with our patients and enlightened quite a number of patients about their medical condition.

Sustainable subscription to all

For an affordable subscription fee of just 1 pound per month, interested people can get the card and borrow material as many times as they wish throughout the week. In addition, students are also major beneficiaries of the information center because it serves as a resource centre where they can get all the medical information they want. The journals and DVDs at the center have all the latest information on medical breakthroughs and will also provide you with crucial contacts where you can get medical help for a number of medical conditions. Note that it is not only up to patients and students to visit the centers, but also those that are nursing patients back at home and offering home based care can gain a lot from this rich pool of knowledge.

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Their lives have been changed

This is my library for all the questions I have about health. It has really helped me take good care of myself and my family. Come to the information center and leave a better person.
By By Elise Duffy

I have never failed to renew my subscription because doing so would be too costly. This is the best thing to ever happen to my neighbourhood and I urge whoever is still undecided to join in.
By Luke Ford

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