Self-Driving Cars – The Future

If you are old enough to know the name “Knight Rider”, then you are aware how long people have been playing with the idea of self-driving cars. Fans of ‘KITT’ loved the car for her self-awareness, artificial intelligence, and overall coolness.

Back in the early 80s when the show aired such cars were the feature of many dreams. The technology, which powered the car, was a type of true science fiction. Luckily, for us, the dream has come true. Cars are currently driving themselves and will most likely become more “intelligent” in the future. One wonders if it is possible to use them to fight crime.

Probably not, but as long as we can get to work without too much effort, that is just fine.

What Drives the Car?

Many people are very curious about how self-driving cars work. It is obvious there is a computer, but what about the mechanisms that steer and work the accelerator and brakes. Another big question is how a car can read traffic. The navigator and GPS systems make it possible for it to follow a computer-directed route.

However, what happens when a kid on a bike rides out in the front of the car? How does it respond to such and other sudden changes on the road? The answers to all these questions exist, and some might surprise you with information on how well the cars can handle certain situations. Moreover, they have to pass certain tests and meet rigorous approval requirements before taking to the roads.

Cars of the Future

The self-driving cars that we see today are just the beginning of a wave of technological advancement that is going to change the way we view personal transportation. It may take a while, but the possibilities that these cars are introducing are clearly something big. The age of self-driving cars has only just begun, and city planners and policymakers are already hot on the trail of finding solutions to future problems. The ears of investors are perked as well because of the obvious benefits and opportunities that these technologies will bring. Those with their ears to the ground will tell you that self-driving cars are the wave of the future.


While you may not want to be among the first to jump on the bandwagon, it seems that you will not have to wait long before the idea of your car taking you to work becomes a reality.