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We have offered self-drive cars and vans to many people. Here is what they say about us...

Hayden Thorpe

When I was traveling to Ireland, I wanted to keep my business trip convenient and easy. I don't like to keep my professional contacts waiting hence I did not want to depend on the local transport. I decided to drive around on my own and with Self Drive Hire, this was the best choice I made. Thank you for your wonderful service!

Charlie Richardson

Life is fun when you travel for leisure. When I headed to the South England with my wife for our honeymoon, I wanted us to share a lot of private time. That is the reason I opted to hire a self-drive car so that we can be at our comfort and enjoy our drives together. Thanks to Self Drive Hire, this was possible and in what way! I will recommend this company to everyone who is traveling in Europe and are looking for a convenient, hassle-free way to move around. 

Gabriel Forster

Moving your home can be quite strenuous. But, I had to just move two lanes so I did not want to hire a professional mover. However, to transport my belongings, I needed a good, spacious van. Self Drive Hire helped me find just the right vehicle I wanted and I could conveniently move my home within no time. Thanks!

Planning a holiday in UK? Opt for self-drive car rentals

Holidays and vacations are often those days when you want to spend quality time with your friends and family. Time is definitely precious and you would not want to waste it in doing things that are absolutely unnecessary. One of such things is waiting for trams, buses and taxis to move around the city. If you are a European and are heading for a European holiday, chances are that you understand the local driving rules and may even possess a valid license. In that case, why don’t you consider hiring a self-drive car or van or even a mini-bus depending upon the number of people traveling with you?

Self-drive car rentals for tourists

Self-drive hire vehicles are increasingly becoming a popular choice among tourists who are on a self catered vacation. With this option, you will not have to schedule your itinerary based on timings of when the trams come and go or when your coach will be available. As you will be driving the car, you will have the advantage of deciding when to go and where to go. Above all, you will spend more private time with your family thereby the holidays become an even more enriching experience. Another good thing about the self-drive car hire is that it can turn out to be quite affordable too. However, it is important that you understand the basic rules of driving in the part of the country you are traveling to so that you are not troubled with tickets and fines. The self-drive car rentals for tourists are very conveniently available. In most tourist friendly countries, the car rental service providers can offer their vehicles almost instantly when you land in the country as these services are often available at all major airports. You will simply have to submit some basic paper-work and decide the type of car you want. Once you complete these minimal formalities, you can drive around the country all by yourself.

Who else can use self-drive car rental services?

Self-drive car rentals are just not meant for the tourists. There are a lot of other times when you can conveniently use the self-drive car hire services for other tasks. Apart from tourists using self-drive car hires for moving around, a lot of people moving their homes on their own will also find the self-drive hire services quite useful. You can hire a self-drive van for moving your home if you don’t have to travel long distances.

Self-drive vehicle hire services are also used during weddings and other such grand events. You can travel conveniently with all your wedding party from your place to the venue and enjoy the drive too. Many corporate organizations and schools also use the self-drive vans and mini-buses when they organize picnics and parties.

The costs and other factors involved

The price that you pay for your self-drive hire varies based on a lot of reasons. The type of vehicle you choose is the primary factor that affects the cost of the hire. The size of the vehicle as well as the luxuries within it affect the price largely. Some vehicles come with luggage storage and some don’t have that. Some have very plush interiors while others are just basic. Depending upon your personal requirements and preferences, the price of the self-drive hire will vary.