Drive to Work and Play Slots Online

In the old days, options of what you could do with your commuting time if you had a personal driver would be very limited. They would include looking out the window, reading the newspaper, talking to the driver, or having a drink and contemplating about life. Nowadays, things are completely different. Our lives are faster than that of any other humans who have ever lived and people generally fill their free time with something very quickly.

The truth is we do not like to have unused time because most of us do not want to be left with only our thoughts and worries to keep us company. Therefore, if you are going to fill your time, it might as well be with something fun like a few online slots. They are guaranteed to make your trip more interesting.

Personal Safety

Certainly, before you completely get lost in a good game of online slots, you have to consider a couple of things first. You have to ask yourself, “Are self-driving cars safe?” The science says that they are and suggest that they might even be safer that human drivers because of the reaction time, the fact that they are not emotional, they follow the rules, and they have a 360-degree camera view of the car, which is better than any human-operated vehicle.

Types of Commutes

The basic nature of slot machines and their virtual counterparts makes each spin independent from all the others. What that means is that whether you play for 10 minutes or 10 hours, every time you click the spin button your chances of winning are always the same. Now, that does not mean that they are all the same.

Online casinos like Dunder have their own in-house reward system that helps players who hang out for longer periods. If you played at a casino like that, you would want a long commute as possible. Did you turn down a lucrative job offer in the next town just because of the distance? Now might be the time to reconsider. Many other casinos offer loyalty bonuses and other nice benefits to players who stick around longer, so these are definitely worth looking at. If you have a short commute of about 10-30 minutes, there are tonnes of great slots that you can enjoy, but if you have a particularly short journey, you might want to consider high-stakes games or progressive jackpots as they promise higher wins over shorter periods of time.


Now that you know, there is nothing to worry about your self-driving car, you can really get lost in the world of online slots on your way to wherever it is that you are going. Whether your travel is short or long, there are options that will suit you just fine. There are also slots that can help balance whatever mood you find yourself in.

So, jump into the car, fire up the mobile device of choice, and get spinning!