Are Self-driving Cars Safe?

After imagining yourself in a car that drives itself and all of the things that you would do, the question of the security and safety measures of the cars always comes into play. The truth is the technology is still very new so it is hard to answer that question with a sweeping yes or no, but the evidence does point to the fact that they are quite safe.

At least, safer than humans, anyway.

Why Self-Driving Cars?

In a problem resolution contest between artificial intelligence and humans, people will always win in reactive thinking and non-logical decision-making, but the times when that is actually required are minimal. There is also the possibility that when pressed too hard most of the time people make the wrong decisions. What that means is that a good self-driving car powered by artificial intelligence is probably a better and safer choice for most of the time.

Companies Going Driverless

Many companies have plans in the works to go driverless. Most of them will be ready by and around 2020, but some have already gotten onto the road. The old driverless car project from Google, Waymo, has logged huge amounts of road time already paving the way for other companies to follow. Like many other things, Google has shone the light of possibility onto some of the largest corporations out there, and as a result, there are at least 18 other companies that include GM, Tesla, Ford, Audi, Honda, Hyundai, Volvo, among many others ready with their versions of the technology.

These companies are coming out with many different levels of autonomous ability in their vehicles, some have already achieved full autonomy, and others are planning for fully self-driven cars within the next 5 to 10 years. Of course, there will most likely be legal roadblocks before these cars can be put on the roads, but the companies involved are confident that they will be able to jump any hurdles that get in their way.


Very soon, most of the cars will be driverless and our roads will be much safer places to drive on. We may have to wait patiently for a while before the concept really catches on and the cars are affordable and accessible to everyone, but it is clear that it will happen eventually. For those waiting for flying cars, you might just have to settle for driverless for now.